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I told Maggie I planned on using condoms and spermicide, that I had been on the pill for 15 years and went off it to take a break. Um, good point.

See a Problem?

Everyone laughed. You should just go back on the pill. Maggie went with her. This left the rest of us to chat among ourselves. You should just have it! Another girl said people were telling her to consider adoption. She sputtered in disbelief. Another told of how she came last week for her pre-appointment, but she had left her ID at home and had to go back and get it. I went into the exam room and got up on the table. The doctor came in and she was totally cool and young and pretty. Pill pusher Maggie came in and stood by my head and held my hand.

I assumed the position with my feet in the stirrups and the doctor put a speculum in my vagina to get access to my cervix. It would just be discarded. Sure enough, the whole thing took about two minutes. As soon as they injected my cervix I felt the medicine go straight to my head, whoosh, and I got a little zooty then.

I mean I could feel things and ask questions, but some of the words came out wrong. The doctor widened my cervix and inserted an — I kid you not — hand held turkey baster, and sucked out the unwanted contents of my uterus. No whirring machine, no scraping instruments. I had looked online beforehand and had seen all the gruesome bloody shots and mutilated body parts, but I wanted to see it for myself, with my own eyes. I was seriously dreading looking, but wanted to bear witness. And do you know what it looked like?

Half a cup of egg whites with some brown bits in it. I looked harder, expecting to see at least a leg or something. I thanked them for their help, put on my maxi-pad, and the nurse walked me to the recovery room. I was still stunned, but read my book. A couple other women were also in the recovery room in reclining chairs looking exhausted. I hung out in the spa for about 15 minutes, then went and got dressed and discarded those fucking awful paper bag slippers. They sent me home with a bag of antibiotics and three months worth of birth control pills.

I came out to the waiting room and my guy looked up at me with concern.


His eyes widened. We were there for a total of two hours. Afterwards we had sushi and went shopping. His reply to that? Dunno if it was psychological, but I felt instantly better. That evening I got my taste for coffee and booze back. I finally started cleaning the house after neglecting it for days. And hey, here is what one pro-life website has to say about the aftereffects abortion:.

Abortion procedures vary according to the stage of pregnancy. Each procedure is painful for both the mother and her unborn baby. After an abortion, many women experience one or more of the following consequences, some of which may take several years to surface. Physical: — Excessive bleeding, may require blood transfusions. I want to hear from other women who have had abortions.

What was it like for you? Did you look at what came out of you? Four years ago, I thought asexuality was a myth, an excuse, a weird misunderstanding between a person and their genitals. Then I met my asexual friend Shelley, who patiently taught me the facts. This week Oct is Asexual Awareness Week.

Asexual means a person who does not experience sexual attraction. Louis blog. Celibacy and abstinence are choices. It is the same as gays not being able to choose who they are attracted to.

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Like sexual people, most asexuals do experience attraction in a wide spectrum. When I say attraction, I do not mean sexual attraction, but rather the appreciation of someone who looks good, or has a great personality.

Various Femdom Stories

I am attracted to men, that is to say, some men are cute to me. The difference between sexual people and asexual people is that asexual people simply do not want anything to do with the Sex part of a relationship, although other areas of a relationship may be okay — it is different for every person as to their comfort levels. Does that mean some want a relationship with another person? We all have connections in our lives. Friends, family. People who are sexual wish to have a connection of friendship Plus sexual chemistry with a person generally.

Horror Movies: Movies That Scared Me—When I Was Young

Asexuals would like that Friendship, Plus nothing. But it is still more than friendship, Asexuals can have an emotional, deep connection with another person, but do not need sex as part of that as well. Asexuality is one of them. I have always been asexual. Nothing happened to me that I remember that would cause me to become asexual. If there was, I would not be asexual, I would be celibate.

All throughout high school I shied away from any sexual conversation. It has caused some tension between my friends and I in the past, before I discovered that there was a term for what I felt, and that I was not alone. Currently, I am beyond happy with who I am. I tried a relationship for two years with a wonderful man. He waited patiently as I tried to open up to new experiences. But the pressure of a relationship and what he would expect in the future, continued to make me extremely uncomfortable.

Foot Fetish Interview - Foot Licking and Sucking

After two years, I could no longer take it and I broke off the relationship. Four years later, I did try an asexual relationship but it did not last, I broke it off too. I am still open to having a relationship with an asexual.

Newark on the West Coast: Deadly Drifter/Out (1982)

Even those are too much for me, although I was at first uncomfortable just holding hands. Of course, quite a few of us asexuals have tried it, and found themselves worse off emotionally for the experience.

Some tried it, but simply are indifferent — it was not any different or special to them as going to the store would be. There are a few types of asexuals — Indifferent, repulsed, Grey-A as a few more common examples. I used to be repulsed, although this has changed slightly towards more of a Grey-A variety. I am currently of the belief that sexuality changes over time, and it is no different with asexuality.

Yes, as of more recently, and yes it does affect the small amount of sexuality I have suddenly gained in the past year. So I take medication to be my normal self, not to become like a normal person, and also the medication takes away other symptoms not related that would cause a health problem if I did not take it. I grew up with cockatiels and a dog as pets, so I love animals, especially birds. I have 2 cockatiels. I love color and design, which is why I run my own interior house painting company. Not that I remember. My family was great to me, and I have no inclination that anyone in my family may have abused me.

Mice are one rather large animal species that have been through some general testing and the results are that a large population of mice are asexual. Other species are being looked at as well. Four years later, asexuality has been noted in Pandas and Rams along with other animal species. There is a book almost out, and also a documentary that was recently released.