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Children were split into groups based on their age and gender. These were designed to prepare young women for their futures as mothers in the Third Reich. The BDM focused on educating young women in sports, racial awareness, and community work in order to prepare them for their role as mothers. Catholic Youth groups were a popular part of German society prior to the rise of Nazism. Although the Concordat of did allow some protection for Catholic groups, by when the Hitler Youth became mandatory, many Catholic groups had been disbanded.

However, by it became obvious that Jewish groups would not be tolerated. Jazz groups were a large part of youth society in the inter war years. Following the absorption of all other groups into the Hitler Youth, many members of former groups still met in secret at great risk to themselves. Leadership of the Hitler Youth.

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The leadership emphasised conformity throughout the Hitler Youth movement. The movement gathered momentum under Baldur Von Schirach, who was appointed leader of the youth in the German Reich in At this time the movement grew and strengthened its militaristic atmosphere. In after criticism from other leading Nazi officials that Baldur Von Schirach would be incapable of creating a force as ardent as required by Adolf Hitler, Artur Axmann was given control.

Although the Hitler Youth had been militarised before, Axmann introduced further practical training to the program, and took a more aggressive stance on the teaching of ideals. Artur Axmann remained in control of the movement until the end of the Second World War, where he commanded Hitler Youth members in the Battle of Berlin. Activities in the Hitler Youth were designed to further the aim of preparation of children for their futures in as the next generation of soldiers and mothers.

They supported and enhanced the curriculum taught in schools, where all lessons were moulded around the Nazi understanding of history, biology, and geography. Children were taught about the world in a manner which justified the actions of the Nazi regime, and promoted conformity and obedience in all aspects of life. Activities to extend the sense of belonging further indoctrinated children into the Nazi regime; the Courage Test Mutprobe involved carrying out a daunting task that varied from group to group, but normally involved jumping from height or diving into deep water.

The completion of this test entitled members to carry the Hitler Youth dagger, that children who achieved this talked of it with pride and honour demonstrates the effectiveness of such measures as tools for indoctrination. Programs were created for Hitler Youth members to train in either Motor, Marine or Flieger, leading them to a career in that area in the armed forces.

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Eventually members showing promise were further educated in the military school, potentially to join the SS. Sport formed a large part of Hitler Youth movement activities, being seen as a method of ensuring conformity and producing healthy soldiers and mothers. As such, sport was taken very seriously by the Nazi regime, with many Hitler Youth groups putting on displays to show off the agility of their members.

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Certain sports were favoured, for example athletics became compulsory for all members. Other sports included boxing, which was a particular favourite of Adolf Hitler, swimming, fencing, and football, all of which were intended to promote a further sense of community and healthy living. There were competitions at local and national level to encourage a fighting spirit in members. Hiking was also a major part of the sporting curriculum in the Hitler Youth, with many members taking part in national and regional hikes to sites of historical importance within Nazi Germany.

These hikes were used as a method of improving the members marching ability and further preparing them for life as a soldier by introducing them to body contact. M usic. Musical education was used to promote conformity and unity.

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One aim of musical education within the Hitler Youth was to begin the training of young boys for their careers in the armed forces. Favouring the trumpet, drum and fife, the children were taught soldiers songs and military fanfares, designed to inspire marching, emphasising the paramilitary ideals of the movement.

Girls in the BDM were encouraged towards the recorder and singing. The emphasis was on group performances rather than solo exhibitions, further inspiring young people to work together and conform. Many music groups, both instrumental and choral, were created within the Hitler Youth movement.

They also occasionally played abroad in nations such as fascist Spain, and France following the occupation in Musical radio broadcasts by members of the Hitler Youth were also considered an important part of the use of music. Wolfgang Stumme was assisted by Karl Cerff, who was strongly linked to the SS and propaganda; the two organised all aspects of musical education within the Hitler Youth, and intended to ensure that only Nazi approved music was played throughout the Third Reich.

Like other aspects of the Hitler Youth, the uniform was used to foster conformity and belonging through creating an atmosphere of oneness, and preventing any individual from appearing different. The paramilitary style of the uniform further enforced the militaristic methods of training used to prepare these children for their later lives; uniforms allowed the Hitler Youth to feel important, differentiating them from the rest of the community.

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