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The circus owner said "FC" would need a lucky charm. The goat was named after then-manager Hennes Weisweiler. Since then, 'Hennes' and his successors! Hint: This club is regarded as the strongest national challenger to Bayern Munich and its mascot is a bee The nickname of Borussia Dortmund BVB is based on the club's colors, but they haven't always played in black and yellow.


In the early days, the players wore blue, white and red. The club changed its colors to black and yellow just before WW1. Ironically given their big rivals, the colors of the city of Dortmund are actually red and white! Germany's most successful team are often simply known as 'the Reds. They first wore red in Ironically however, the colors of the city of Munich itself are actually yellow and black!

How All 32 NFL Teams Got Their Names

Hint: The club is located in the north of Germany and has never been relegated from the Bundesliga Since the foundation of the Bundesliga in , HSV have always been a part of it, making them the only founder member that has never been relegated. That is why Hamburg are known as the Bundesliga Dinosaur. Another nickname is the 'Rothosen' red shorts. Hint: This club is located in the German capital and plays in the stadium shown in the picture above. On the horizon one can see one of the most well known landmarks of the city There are different theories about where this nickname comes from.

The most likely: The club's founders had taken a day trip on a steam ship called 'Hertha', with a blue and white funnel.

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That inspired them to name their club 'Hertha' too. When the club was founded Hertha was a common name for girls.

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But over the years, the name became outdated which is how Hertha became the "Old Lady". Match each the team with the BIRD they have a nickname based on Which Premier League side has their nickname based on their stadium name? Who are the Railwaymen? Which of these options are NOT teams with the same nickname? Who are the Cobblers? Which are Posh?

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The hardest and most mentally challenging part of a pub quiz isn't the sport round, or arguing with the quiz master over their factually inaccurate lines of questioning - the Baha Men's version of 'Who Let the Dogs Out? You want the kind of name that will put the other groups in the room on notice; the kind of name that says "I know What I Am Doing", and "Fear and respect me and buy me a pint" at the same time. To help out listless quizzers struggling over that perfect team moniker, we've compiled some suggestions to get you started.


Fair warning: Googling a team name is arguably a more punishable offence than searching out an answer, and you may be banished from the quizzing community indefinitely if caught. From the cheeky try saying them fast to team names that will mess with the quizmaster via celebrity puns, here are some firm favourites to get you started:.

1 - Which clubs do you think have played in all editions of La Liga?

A quiz team's success can sometimes rely on or, more likely, be hampered by copious amounts of alcohol, and in the pub setting, what better way to celebrate the boozy camaraderie than with these drink based names?