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I promise I'll make love to you like I never have before. Just don't leave me, buddy. Please, man, come back to My ordeal outside is over, and i am now ordered to the house where i will be subjected to further torments by my sadistic Master. Jeff Long walked slowly across the deck toward his son, Jay, standing at the railing, his short hiking shorts hugged his muscular thighs, his powerful hamstrings bulging Alphaman it's happened again!

The elderly police commissioner gruffly said as he gazed at the raven-haired superhero standing in front of him. Cole sat at his desk smoking a cigar ginning in victory. His mind replayed all the events of a just few minutes ago. The stout older man visualized the sight of those perfectly rounded and dimpled orbs looking up at him from their position over his lap. Seeing the taller more chiseled superhero in Slave becomes more involved with his Master as stays over at Christmas and encounters a new way of life that he had not bargained for.

Continuing my alternative stories.

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This time slave is hired out to a lesbian Mistress and then a money grabbing dom manges to get one over the angry dom and her Master finds how he feels for his slave. Pain domination toilet duties and general domination in its brutal face of the scene are hinted A slave finds out he has been trained and modified to be a specialty act in a repugnant mans brothel. This is the third of my alternative stories. I had meant to stop it there but some ideas came to me while writing it.

This one is where a slave finds who has been behind his journey to slavedom and just how cruel and brutal he can be. Andreas was twenty years old and a senior at UNLV. The blond-haired, blue-eyed stud with drop-dead looks that could've easily been spread out among four people stood 6'1 and weighed in at pounds.

He kept his body in shape, despite his love for beer, with daily workouts in the university gym and Intelligent nerdy young man falls in love with his best friend the who is biggest jock in the school. This story was partly inspired by the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and partly by a rather interesting and unplanned weekend from my misspent youth in a very small country hotel in a remote corner of the world. Jim and Phil celebrate their having been lovers for three years with a little holiday and lot's of fun.

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Toggle Main Navigation Menu. I, a 19 year old student, am taken the master of my dreams. Raw Boys.

Bring Me a Boy. All I have is hope, that things will get better with time and understanding of each other. Frank, I agree enterly with you. Nature program human beins too much. But why? You are laughable! Let me explain something to you. Number 1. You are a LIAR!

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Why do I say those things?? Get some education and then come back and talk like you have a brain. God said to love one another.. Anybody who would take the time to write that has some issues with his sexuality. MikeSmith And what if this person is gay? You were not born to think that? You are born into this world not knowing a thing.

While growing up. You absorb all and everything you hear, see and more. You develop your own thinking. Does this make you a bad person? It makes you human. Just like every other jimmy, joe joe and abbie running around. A very illogical and unintelligent conclusion. FF, we already knew that much of anti-gay animus was predisposition, just like sexist and racist tendencies. I have racist and sexist tendencies, like most men, and I consciously suppress them because I know these characteristics to be toxic and harmful in my life and in the community around me.

Your predisposition to hate gays is quite natural, but also immoral.

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Our society has evaluated homosexuality as a characteristic and according to modern measure. We discovered that homosexuality, while certainly different and lending itself nicely to scapegoating and insult, carries no inherent harm in and of itself. Suppressing homosexuality has, on the other hand, proven to be highly immoral, not to mention wasteful. Your desire to return our society to an anti-gay stance is toxic, harmful, and selfish.

Got it now? It leads to STDs, cancer from oral and anal , and internal injuries from anal. It also prevents or destroys romantic relationships between men and women, thus eliminating healthy, traditional marriages between committed husbands and fathers to committed wives and mothers, which is the foundation to any strong society. That will always be the difference no matter how many people wish it was not.

You keep yourself bound by judgment and anger toward an identifiable group of people and reduce them in your bigotry to a sex act that obviously is disgusting to you. Do you define yourself by where you put your dick? You blame gay people for making you angry just because they exist. Gay people do not directly violate your boundaries, other than they exist and you hate them and blame them for your anger.

Read something about the psychology of projection and the shadow. You are really projecting your own unresolved sexual shame and disgust on to gay people instead of integrating your own shit. But your condemnation and disregard toward them indeed violates their boundaries to live in love and peace. Your sentiment leads to violence toward gay people just for existing.

First of all your name says a lot about you.

Fantasies : Forced by classmate, Pride busted - A Gay Sex

You did a great job showing your immaturity and ignorance with that name. How can you possibly try to ask for sympathy from others. You are unjustly attacking homosexual people for no significant reason.

Our latest Narratively story isn't available online - we printed the entire thing on a tote bag!

These homosexuals you are attacking may have been the way they are since they were children. Everything you say is unbelievable. A homosexual person may see the way they use their private parts as being correct, and the way a heterosexual uses their private parts as being incorrect. If you are going to express your opinions, then do it in a kind manner.

You are wrong to attack homosexuals the way you did in your comment. You know what might help you; put yourself into a homosexuals shoes and think about how it would feel to be verbally attacked by people for no good reason. Say everything you just said about homosexuals to yourself and see how you feel. If you really truly feel that homosexuals should be sent to mental hospitals, then keep your comments to your self.

Do you have any consideration for others?

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Keep your nasty opinions to yourself! Why do you want to hurt others for no good reason? Whether or not you decide to fix them is up to you.

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But please do not share your opinions with others if they are going to be so hurtful and judgmental. You are wrong and you better realize it.

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Those are ugly comments. Your violent desires are probably fueled by your deep-seated homosexual desires that are fighting to get out. You are the one who needs to be put in a mental institution. No, no, I have to be honest here. You are actually a bigot. But hey, at least you were being honest even though this is internet you can pretty much say anything without taking any consequences and that adds more of how such a bigot you are. And dude, we human are naturally peace in the inside, they love everything nice that makes their inner peace and subconcious mind in a peace mode too.