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November 2019 Horoscope All Signs: Mercury Retrograde & A Window of Opportunity

All this retrograde mess doesn't have to be negative, it could be a gift in disguise! Get really clear and asses your boundaries and standards for yourself and others around you. What are you willing to work with and what is simply unacceptable? How do you want to move forward? And, as always, back up your hard drive, take care of yourself, learn some breathing techniques in case anxiety comes up mercury rules the nervous system , have patience for yourself and those you're surrounded by, and really learn how to embrace yourself and your intuition.

Mercury retrograde is a time to own yourself.

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You have nothing to worry about, simply make sure your thoughts, words, and acts come from a place of integrity and love. Let it be a helping hand to being fully you. Do spend time being mindful. Go deep into your thoughts and feels and be sure to actively listen to others with an open mind.

Do be careful about what you consume — and not only food-wise. Do give yourself plenty of room for error when travelling! Do give yourself a break. Shit happens. Especially when Mercury is retrograding. If you can hold off until retrograde is over — do it. Mercury rules tech, so expect the unexpected when it comes to your devices during this period.

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Please think twice before getting that Tweety Bird tattoo. And finally — do keep track of when the next retrograde is due and plan for it. What's Mercury's Deal?

Posted on Oct 08, But seriously, we got you! Time to hit the books!

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The planets are messing with your mojo, you should let people know! More than that, though, in times of great chaos, sometimes you just need to lean on your sense of humor. During a time of heightened imbalance and complications, it is important to actively fight these forces.

Whether you use a stick of Palo Santo or sage, you will be able to cleanse your space and mind. This super-herb blend from Moon Juice is specifically curated for perfect sleep.

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This helps move forward from any retrograde bumps as you keep your mindset on evolution and gaining new personal insights. See your clothes, your surroundings, your feet. With the high possibility of erratic technology, comes the horrific chance of losing important data on your devices.

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Save yourself from this nightmare and more importantly, the loss of your sanity , by using one of these data storing gadgets to keep all those family photos, passwords, and tax info safe. To find your zen and remain calm amidst the retrograde mayhem, it is wise to have a yoga mat at hand. Practicing yoga will help keep elevated stress and anxiety down; balance and focus will replace the abundance of uncertainty brought on during this season.

Just as the planetary ruler of communication appears to be going backwards, so may your dependency on tech communication. During this time, it may be smart to revert back to old ways of communication when texts go south.

Mercury Retrograde in Virgo

Rather than exchanging messages via text, pick up a pen and write out what you want to say in a letter this might even be appreciated by someone! Wifi down? Plane canceled? For Wifi woes.